Actor’s Daily Skin Care Secrets

Surely we are too familiar with the face of actress Kha Nhu on Vietnamese television shows. Kha Nhu always makes a new impression with her humorous, charming talk and acting talent. She left the audience with an unforgettable impression. With smooth white skin, no wrinkles, no one thought she was nearly 33 years old. So the secret of skin care for this talented actress like, let’s find out!

Kha Nhu – talented actress with her skin in her twenties

The image of her “Cat” transforming into various shapes on stage has been imprinted in the minds of the audience. However, once discovered her bare face, you will have to say that oh so young and beautiful. Turning 30 years of age, synonymous with the beginning of aging women. Yet Kha Nhu still possesses almost perfect beauty. Especially smooth, healthy skin that made many people curious.

Actors like skin care.

Kha Nhu with smooth, healthy skin makes many people curious. As a professional actor, it is normal to wear makeup, use a variety of cosmetics sources with stage lights, and a busy schedule. Therefore, artists are often very interested in their image so as not to disappoint the audience. In a recent sharing, Kha Nhu shared his secrets about skin care.

Kha Nhu revealed the secret of extremely simple skin care for women

# Maintain a facial massage routine

After a long day of working with different types of roles, face massage is a habit of maintaining the spring color that Kha Nhu cannot leave. This is the best way to reduce stress, relax and support blood vessels to work smoothly. She shared that even though she is so busy, she always has to spend some of her valuable time to massage this position. Let’s learn by this habit actress to prevent aging.

# Add fruit, especially pineapple

Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit that no one can refuse. However, one of its great benefits is its skin rejuvenation. Revealing the secret, Kha Nhu shared that pineapple was her favorite fruit, so eating pineapple every day seemed to be very simple for her.

Aromatic eating habits help Kha Nhu have rejuvenated skin.

In pineapple contains bromelain has anti-inflammatory effect, removes toxins from the blood, returns the skin bright, youthful. Not only to eat and drink, pineapple is also an ingredient that Kha Nhu makes his own mask.

#Lycium Serum – great technique forever young like Kha Nhu

Establishing your own sleeping habits, scientific eating is a natural course. Besides, she did not forget to invest in anti-aging products that are “storming” in the market with the effect of preventing aging in women. Kha Nhu revealed that Lycium Serum was his treasure. She regularly applies serum every morning and evening to help her skin improve from deep within.

Lycium Serum is the secret that Kha Nhu wants to share with everyone.

By the age of 30, collagen production has begun to slow down. Signs of aging appear as wrinkles on the corners of the eyes, skin losing elasticity. The use of makeup cosmetics makes the aging process faster. Therefore, she “Cat” is very interested in the issue of anti-aging.

Kha Nhu shared: “Lycium serum is a serum originating from Japan. A country famous for its high quality, high quality and safe cosmetics.

lycium serum

Lycium serum is serum from Japan.

Should be Nhu Nhu very assured when using. One thing that Kha Nhu particularly loves is 100% natural herbal ingredients, including rubens extract, Irish moss extract, coral, goji berries,… As soon as it is applied to the skin, feeling quite comfortable, the skin is completely relaxed. It can be said that Lycium serum is the best partner of Kha Nhu in maintaining beauty and beautiful smooth skin as at present. ”

Reliable address to own anti-aging skin products Lycium Serum

Lycium serum is a Japanese domestic product but now available in Vietnam. Exclusively distributed by Soji Labs Co., Ltd. On the Lycium serum packaging, there are anti-counterfeiting labels. Please note this to avoid buying fake and counterfeit goods on the market. Order genuine Lycium serum here !.