Botox – Female Beauty Trends Harming?

Recently, perhaps we are no longer too unfamiliar with a beauty method called botox injections to reduce wrinkles, slim face, right? A large number of women have come and been attracted to the uses of this form of beauty but have not been thoroughly explored. Is it really “divine” as rumored, please see the following notes to answer the question “Is injecting botox harmful?”.

A stiff face, emotional loss due to botox injection abuse

The face is made up of many muscle groups including the brow muscles, the eyebrow muscles, the nose muscles, the mouth muscles, … all creating a natural expression for each expression. Incorrect injection of botox will paralyze these muscles and lose emotion. In the cases of women who want the results to be truly satisfactory after the injection, they receive extremely tragic consequences.

tiêm botox nguy hiểm ra sao 04
The face is stiff and unnatural.

Many women were dismayed by not realizing themselves after the injection, in other cases arguing with the doctor, causing other troubles. Botox injections only take a few minutes of your life, so you should thoroughly research and choose the right reputable facility, qualified injecters.

The face was ordered and complicated

If injected too much or in the wrong place, it will lead to negative changes in the parts of the face, causing extremely dangerous complications. The face is not only difficult to express emotions, but also sagging, the face is skewed, even worse than before the injection.

tiêm botox nguy hiểm ra sao 03
Easy to get complications.

Most of us women want to change our looks by quick and convenient beauty methods. However, not everyone can fulfill this will, you will have to spend a lot of time recovering these losses, something that our sisters probably never wanted.

Psychological addiction to injecting botox

Many women who have tried to inject botox once but are not satisfied will tend to try a few more times until satisfied. However, very few people will stop with a one-time number, without injecting one part, they will consider the other part that also needs an injection. Thereby creating a feeling of “addicted” aesthetics and dissatisfaction with the current appearance.

tiêm botox nguy hiểm ra sao 01
Psychological addiction, serious complications.

This is the answer to the question of whether botox injections are harmful that many people often consider. Especially for women who need appearance to serve work and life, this method of “holding the youth” is abused on a regular basis every year, sometimes every month or every week.

Stroke – the most dangerous harm

Beauty, always the same, takes a moderation to be effective and beauty becomes the most natural. Because the botox contains poisonous substances, if used in overdose, it will cause dangerous complications for the body such as blockage of the arteries, stroke, heart failure.

tiêm botox nguy hiểm ra sao 02
The impact of the stroke is very serious.

So, if you find strange manifestations after injection, you should go to medical facilities to be diagnosed and treated promptly.

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Botox injection is a popular beauty treatment used by women to “cure” the signs of age on the skin. However, you should also be aware that every form has two sides of it, be satisfied with the appearance and avoid abuse so as not to cause undue consequences.