Causes Your Skin Sensitive And Allergic

Have you ever wondered why your skin is suddenly more sensitive with symptoms such as a rash, tight skin, peeling, itchy discomfort? Surely this is a sensitive and irritating skin manifestation. Find the right cause to get the most suitable allergic skincare to make your skin more beautiful.

The environment is the cause that affects the skin

Besides internal factors, the impact of the external environment also contributes to making the skin more sensitive. As we know the air is getting more and more polluted, which also makes the skin worse even though we have many ways of skincare. In addition, the changing weather from hot to cold and vice versa causes the skin to become dehydrated and become more sensitive.

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The environment has a huge effect on the skin.

Sunlight is also the cause of thinning, dehydration, and flaking. Therefore, when taking care of sensitive skin, you need to build a barrier to protect the skin from external influences such as careful shielding, do not forget to skip the step of applying sunscreen when going out.

Improper facial washing makes sensitive skin

There are many people who think that when the skin is thoroughly cleaned, it is impossible to have skin problems, but this is the mistake that women should eliminate immediately. Excessive cleaning of the skin will make the skin more sensitive, and easily irritated, even with a small impact. Besides, the choice of skincare products also contributes to improving or breaking the skin barrier.

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Improper facial washing causes skin allergies.

So, really understand your skin, then choose a cleaning product with the right ingredients and uses to help the next skincare steps to bring into full play, the skin will be beautiful and reduce its beauty. sensitive.

Hormonal changes in the body cause skin irritation

Do our sisters ever realize that each time our menstrual cycle comes, our skin will be much more sensitive, easily irritated, and acne-prone? That is why the hormones inside of our body are changed.

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Hormonal changes cause skin allergies.

Especially when subjects are in puberty or pregnancy, the manifestations of sensitive skin will be more evident. We cannot prevent this process, but instead, let’s fully replenish the body, follow a scientific lifestyle, this is also a safe and effective way of allergy skincare that everyone should pursue.

Unsuitable skincare products for sensitive skin

Skincare products all have a common job of helping to improve skin problems, but they will react the opposite if used wrongly. The ingredients in the product such as preservatives, fragrances, … irritate the skin and break the skin barrier if using the wrong product.

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And if you continue to use it for a long time, you fear that the skin will become sensitive and difficult to recover afterward. There are countless causes of sensitive and irritated skin from the effects of both inside and outside the environment. Let’s take special care and care in skincare to prevent undesirable results because the skin once sensitive it takes quite a long time to improve.