Common Mistakes When Applying Sunscreen

It seems that sunscreen is the easiest cosmetic product to use, but it is not. There are many people who do not fully understand whether using cream makes the skin not only not only beautiful but also much worse. The following habits will make you more experienced in taking proper care of your skin.

Forget to use sunscreen everyday

Vietnam is a country listed with the number of women who forget to wear sunscreen the most often. We think it is possible to skip this step, but in fact, if not fully applied, every next step of skin care is meaningless.

thoa kem chống nắng đúng cách
Do not use sunscreen every day.

Correctly applying sunscreen will help prevent direct radiation from the sun to the skin areas of the body. Therefore, our skin will be improved and not sunburned. In addition to the sun protection effect, this product also has the ability to add nutrients to the skin, helping the skin to improve tone, refresh and resist other effects from the environment.

A habit of only applying sunscreen to the face

A huge mistake when using sunscreen is that it is only used for the face area but forgets other areas that also need sunscreen. Everyone should remember that in the sun, UVA / UVB rays are very harmful, even if we cover them with clothes they still penetrate and damage the skin.

thoa kem chống nắng đúng cách 04
The skin of the hands and neck also needs sunscreen.

That is why, not only take careful care of the facial skin, but we need to spend more time focusing on the sun for the whole body, for example the body skin. Correctly applying sunscreen protects against the sun on the whole body and does not ignore any part of the skin.

Use sunscreen in insufficient dosage

Sometimes we don’t care about the dosage, but this is what makes sunscreen ineffective. Just like using cosmetics such as lipstick, foundation, sunscreen also needs a sufficient amount to cover the surface of the skin and promote its proper use.

thoa kem chống nắng đúng cách 03
Too little ice cream is a mistake.

If too little or too much is used, this product does not provide optimal sun protection for the skin. On the other hand, if applied too thickly, the pores will become blocked and cause acne. So how much ice cream is the standard? The answer is 1.2 grams for facial skin and 25-30 grams for body skin.

Only apply cream when it is sunny

Many people mistakenly think that only when it is sunny will the rays of sunlight be really harmful, but this is a wrong and scientifically groundless idea. This is a harmful habit and everyone needs to quit right away.

thoa kem chống nắng đúng cách 02
Only apply cream when it is sunny.

Because ultraviolet rays still exist when it is shady, even when we sit in the office or take a car. So whether it is sunny or not, at home or out, the unforgettable thing to do is to apply sunscreen properly, regularly and regularly.

Do not remove makeup

If you only apply sunscreen without makeup, you still need to remove makeup as usual. Because if you let the sunscreen stay on your skin for too long but only wash your face with water, day after day will create acne and sebum, darkening the skin, losing all the inherent effects of this product. To keep your skin clean and cool after a long day, you need to combine using a cleanser, toner, and makeup remover suitable for your skin.

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Above is a summary of some mistakes when applying sunscreen that many women most often encounter. The skin is inherently very sensitive, so we need to pay special attention, take care of and choose the right quality products for ourselves.