Coral Extract: Savior For Sensitive Skin

Ever heard of coral extract (Sea Whip)? This is a relatively rare ingredient but has great uses in skin care. Especially sensitive skin. So the real damage of its use like? Let’s explore right now!

Learn about the concept of coral extract

Sea Whip Extract (Gorgonian Coral) is produced from a multicellular marine organism in the Caribbean. Sea Whip has a feather-like appearance, capable of reproducing and reproducing itself. Especially when harvested, it continues to grow strongly. In the early 1990s, researchers discovered its amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Coral Extract: Savior For Sensitive Skin
Coral extract is a safe, natural ingredient.

Coral extract is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly natural ingredient. Therefore, it is often used in beauty and skin care products.

The effect of coral extract on skin beauty

Coral extract contains enzymes that are good for the skin, this enzyme helps protect DNA and proteins in the skin from environmental damage. Coral extract can be used for all skin types. Especially beneficial for sensitive, irritated or damaged skin.

Coral Extract: Savior For Sensitive Skin 01
Coral extract contains enzymes that are beneficial for the skin.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and effective skin soothing. It includes prominent anti-inflammatory compounds, proactively disrupting the inflammatory process and minimizing the effects of inflammatory response.

Coral Extract: Savior For Sensitive Skin 03

Coral extract helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Besides, this ingredient also has the ability to restore and regenerate strong skin. By neutralizing enzymes that cause irritation to sensitive skin, minimize signs of aging, acne and sunburn. Not only that, it can also reduce the pain and swelling caused by acne, moisturize, thereby returning you to healthier skin.

Lycium Serum – Anti-aging serum extracted from corals

On the market today, there are many skin care and skincare products that contain coral extracts. This is a very rare material, so it has a fairly high success. Lycium serum is the anti-aging essence of Sojilabs. Lycium serum is manufactured using Japanese technology, with the main ingredient is 100% of other natural herbs such as rubens algae, Irish moss, Goji fruit, …

Coral Extract: Savior For Sensitive Skin 04

Lycium Serum with 100% natural ingredients.

Lycium serum will help strengthen the bonds in the structure layer, help the skin become smooth, firmer and wrinkle removal. Combined with soothing coral extract, restores sensitive skin. Enhances the deep moisturizing effect and keeps the skin smooth, glowing and full of vitality.

To maximize the effectiveness of Lycium serum, you should use it 2 times (morning and evening daily) after cleansing. And finish the course about 21 days. Soji Labs Co., Ltd. is proud of being the exclusive Lycium distribution channel. To avoid buying fake and shoddy goods, order Lycium serum right here!