Experience Reducing Lips Sisters Should Refer

A pink, full lip is the dream of many women, but not everyone is satisfied. Because of the effects that we do not pay attention to, it makes the lips look darker and look very unsightly. But please rest assured because just applying the following simple methods to reduce dark lips, this situation will significantly improve.

Cause dark lips people should avoid

Unhealthy lifestyle

If you are constantly in contact with tobacco, alcohol, and beer, stop now! It is the intake of negative substances like this that makes the appearance deteriorate and the health worse.

kinh nghiệm giúp giảm thâm môi cho chị em
Have an unhealthy lifestyle.

Having a relaxed spirit and living a healthy life, a rosy lip is no longer a dream!

Due to sun absorption

Most of us are the only sunscreen for facial skin but forget that our lips are also darkened if exposed to too much sunlight. Usually, the lips are darker than the lips, this makes our appearance less sharp.

kinh nghiệm giúp giảm thâm môi cho chị em 01
Due to the impact of sunlight.

Therefore, nowadays there are many types of lipsticks that are used for sun protection to protect your lips from sun exposure.

Lips are dehydrated

The cause of dark lips that we do not expect is that when the body is dehydrated, the lips are dry, chapped, and darker. Besides, sitting in the air conditioner or the humidity of the air is too high will make the water dry and the skin is no longer smooth.

kinh nghiệm giúp giảm thâm môi cho chị em 02
Lack of water in the body leads to dry and flaky lips.

The lip-peeling habit also makes the skin of the lips more ugly and uneven color.

Use poor quality lipstick

Perhaps lipstick is the indomitable object of many girls, so the use of lipstick occurs every day. Choosing the wrong kind of genuine, safe lipstick is the leading cause of darkening lips that many women often accidentally ignore. So choose the right reputable lipstick to promote beauty and protect your health.

The effective method of reducing dark lips should be applied now

Regularly exfoliate your lips

One of the methods of cleansing and brightening the lips is to regularly exfoliate the lips. From there, the lips will absorb other nutrients and no longer darken.

kinh nghiệm giúp giảm thâm môi cho chị em 03
Should regularly exfoliate the lips.

You can perform lip care steps with natural ingredients or specialized cosmetics.

Treat your lips with lemon juice

Lemon is a fruit very rich in vitamin C, which is the main ingredient to effectively lighten dead skin on the lips. So when it comes to natural ingredients that reduce dark lips, it is impossible to ignore lemons. You can combine lemons with other ingredients such as sugar and olive oil to bring soft, rosy lips.

Honey is the leading ingredient to reduce lip darkening

In addition to being good for health, honey is also effective in reducing dark lips. Lips soft, plump, and rosy will no longer be a dream if you apply honey regularly every day.

kinh nghiệm giúp giảm thâm môi cho chị em 04
Honey is an extremely effective lip scrub.

Applying for about 2 weeks, you will feel the effectiveness of this simple but effective immediately.

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Finding the right cause of dark lips will help you to have a correct and timely remedy. Don’t worry, there are so many effective ways to reduce dark lips from natural ingredients all around us. Protect the skin of your lips like your face, you will have a brighter appearance.