Facial Washing Mistakes Causes Skin Acne Frequently

Whatever skin you own, you should pay attention to the cleansing step. Because after a long day, our skin will be exposed to a variety of dirt from dust in the environment, cosmetic residues. Proper skin cleansing both helps open the skin and limits skin problems. However, if you wash your face daily, but your skin still has persistent acne, then surely you have made the following mistakes.

Wash your face too many times a day

The common cause of skin acne breakouts is misunderstanding, because it is thought that the more times you wash your face, the cleaner your skin will be and “visit” acne free. However, the consequences are different from what we think, acne will “attack” if overused the allowed number of times. The standard is that you should only wash your face once or twice a day.

sai lầm khiến da bị nổi mụn
Frequent washing of your face can also cause breakouts.

The natural oil layer has a protective effect on the skin, washing the face repeatedly will remove this oily layer, making adverse effects on the skin. Besides, if you accidentally choose the wrong product that has exfoliating effects, if you wash your face too many times, it will make the skin thinner, very easy to attack by the sun. Wash your face properly to remove cosmetics that exist on your skin all day and clear and clear your skin, limit other problems.

Wash your face is not clean

Sometimes because we are too sleepy or lazy, we often wash our face through loudspeaker, day after day, inadvertently make the dirt and residue accumulate on each pore. Since then, skin blemishes and dry skin appear.

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Washed face is not clean with a lot of dirt or makeup.

Even if you are very tired, do not underestimate this skin cleansing step. At the same time, the positions that we most often forget are the corners of the nose, facial jaw, hairline. When washing your face, take about 1 minute to remove excess dirt on the skin. This is a standard time, not too long nor too fast for the skin to be clean and absorb the skin care cosmetics after that.

Use a towel to rub your skin

Many people have a habit of rubbing this area with a towel after washing the face. At this point, you think that this will clean the skin, but the consequences are inevitable.

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Use a towel too hard.

The skin will gradually lose its elasticity. In particular, do not use the same towel to wipe your face, bacteria will survive from the towel and contact the skin. Why does acne skin, even though you have followed all the steps to take care, this is the cause. Everyone should remember to use a separate towel to wipe each part of the body, and need to clean the towel once a week to remove dirt, bacteria in the towel.

Choose a cleanser that doesn’t suit your skin

Another cause of acne breakouts is choosing a cleanser that is not suitable for your skin. There are many types of human skin: dry skin, oily skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin so if your skin is oily but using products for dry skin, it will not only work. but also causes skin irritation.

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Choose a cleanser that is not suitable for the skin.

In addition, using the wrong face cleanser will make the skin aging faster, so choose the right beauty product to make your skin more beautiful.

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Please avoid mistakes when washing the face above so that the skin does not “visit” acne. Washing your face is a very important step in skin care and you need to choose the right product and follow the right cleaning step. For the skin to be clean and beautiful over time requires you to fully and properly equip your knowledge.