Fix Sunburn After Going To The Sea

Perhaps all of us have been in a state of anxiety, panic not knowing how to “cure” the sunburned skin after bathing. There are many methods for our sisters to apply to immediately eliminate this worry and rise in the sea water every summer. People do not worry because the information on how to fix sunburn in the following article will partially remedy this situation.

Don’t skip the step of moisturizing your skin when your skin is sunburned

Sea sun, the sea breeze will contribute to your skin more dark, burning pain, and severe lack of moisture. Then what you need to do now is to provide hydrating nutrients to the skin.

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Don’t skip the step of skin moisturizer.

If you don’t have time to apply natural remedies, moisturizing products are a perfect choice right now. Women should note that priority should be given to products containing mild ingredients because the skin is now quite sensitive, very easily irritated if you use the wrong product.

Use aloe vera to soothe sunburn caused by bathing

Nowhere is that so far as there are easy-to-find ingredients like aloe vera that have many great uses in soothing after sunburn. In the composition of this “miracle”, there are vitamins that provide moisture, remove sunburned cells, and stimulate the formation of new skin cells.

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Use aloe vera to soothe the skin.

Moreover, the procedure is quite simple, you just need to use the aloe flesh after removing the skin and rubbing it into the sunburned area. Wait 15 minutes for the nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin, returning the skin a smoother, more even color.

Watermelon rind also has the use of “melancholy” in healing sunburn

Besides aloe vera, many women often tell each other that there is a fruit that is not only very delicious but also great for treating sunburn at home.

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Watermelon rind is also an ingredient used to fight sunburns.

After enjoying watermelon, do not rush to remove the skin because this is an ingredient that soothes sunburns quite effectively. You squeeze the peel and mix it with a teaspoon of honey to create a mixture to heal sunburns from bathing. Let the nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water, keep doing it twice a day, you will feel effects immediately.

Drinking water to hydrate the skin “rescue” dry skin

Besides the ways to overcome the sunburn from the outside, our sisters do not forget to improve their skin from the inside. Drinking enough water is a way to prevent drainage in the skin, help restore the skin, accelerate activities in the body. Not only keeping the habit of drinking a lot of filtered water, but you also need to drink a lot of juice from fruits and vegetables to add a variety of vitamins to the skin, while also helping to cool down in the body and cool down on hot days…

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Treating sunburn at home is not too difficult, as long as you apply it properly and persistently, the condition will be significantly reduced. Applying the above methods, you will immediately have healthy and beautiful skin and add a more useful experience the next time. There are ways to overcome this, but you need to use sunscreen and avoid wearing dark clothing when bathing in order to help your skin recover more quickly.