Habits Make You More Acne Hidden Under Your Skin Without Surprise

Hidden pimples are usually clustered in small, non-inflammatory or oxidized pimples on the skin. However, they are the most “stubborn” acne and if not handled in time, hidden acne can spread, develop into inflammatory pimples. To avoid the aesthetics of your skin being affected, you need to understand about hidden acne habits as well as how to effectively treat subcutaneous acne.

Acne is hidden under the skin and causes acne

Hidden pimples are pimples that are located deep in the hair follicles, making the surface of the skin rough. Areas where hidden pimples often appear include:

  • Forehead (due to an active sebaceous gland)
  • Cheeks (due to bad skin care habits)
  • Chin (due to diet)
  • Oily skinned people are more prone to hidden acne than people with normal skin. In general, there are 3 common causes of hidden acne, namely: environment, habits and other causes.

Harmful factors from the environment

Our skin is constantly exposed to and influenced by the external environment. Meanwhile, bacteria lurk everywhere, on hands, masks, hats, clothes, blankets…

thói quen gây mụn ẩn dưới da 01
Environmental factors seriously affect.

Skin after contacting with bacteria that is not cleaned, 90% will go to hidden acne. In addition, air and water pollution is also the cause of skin irritation and “weak” than before the penetration of acne causing bacteria.

Bad habits everyday

There are many bad habits that cause your skin to appear pimples hidden under the skin. For example, you eat too many unhealthy foods. Irregular living habits (staying up late, not getting enough sleep, eating late at night …) also promote the appearance of ugly clusters of acne. If you do not drink enough water, eat vitamin deficiencies, and get stressed regularly, acne spots will spread more and more.

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Bad habits affect the skin like stress.

You also need to quit the habit of constantly touching your face because it will make the hidden acne worse. Our hands are home to a lot of dirt and bacteria. What if you keep putting these things on your skin? Bacteria and dirt immediately penetrate the skin, blocking pores and forming pimples.

Acne hidden under the skin due to other reasons

Some other causes of hidden acne can be mentioned as:

  • Food allergy, cosmetic allergy
  • The ability to regenerate cells is less than normal
  • The accumulation of toxins, heavy metals in the body
  • How to treat acne under the skin and prevent acne effectively hidden

Acne, like most other acne, cannot go away on its own. That is not to mention the hidden acne deep under the skin, it is difficult to remove with conventional acne treatments. So how to treat and avoid hidden acne?

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Acne is hidden under the skin.

Keeps skin clean

You need to wash your face with cleanser milk / gel twice a day to keep your skin clean and clear. Proper cleansing will help remove all dirt, preventing accumulation in pores. If you wear makeup or use sunscreen, remove it thoroughly before washing your face. Deep cleansing process will help you get a healthy skin and prevent the formation of acne hidden under the skin.

Do not use too much cosmetics

You may not know, some ingredients in cosmetics can clog pores. For those of you with acne-oily skin, you must be even more careful. You need to carefully read the ingredients table and properly take care of your skin to avoid costly, time-consuming but also hidden acne.

thói quen gây mụn ẩn dưới da 02
Do not use too much cosmetics.

If your skin is severely acne prone, you are best not to wear makeup. The powder and the chemical ingredients in it can make your acne worse.

Build a scientific lifestyle

Not getting enough sleep, staying up late makes the sebaceous glands active and of course, you will get acne. In addition, you need to have good control of stress because stress is one of the main causes of hormonal acne, especially acne hidden on the forehead and chin. What you need to do is to eat a healthy diet for a smooth metabolism and drink plenty of water to purify the body.

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