How Does Late Night Affect Your Skin?

In today’s busy life, we cannot escape staying up late. Besides, this becomes a habit of many people and they think that it is normal to realize that the body, health, and skin will be destroyed quickly. So let’s go through the following harmful effects of staying up late to the skin, you will know how to prevent and overcome your life more appropriately.

The skin of the face begins to appear pimples

One manifestation of the persistent stay up late is that the skin on the face is no longer smooth but appears “enemies” named acne. The human body always has set times for hormones to metabolize, so if we stay up late and do not fall asleep, this process is prevented.

thức khuya có tác hại với da như thế nào
Appears many tiny blemishes on the skin.

At this time, the kidneys will secrete many substances that affect the skin and make the skin more oily, creating favorable conditions for bacteria to invade and cause acne. Staying up late with acne is an eternal problem that each of us should be aware of and overcome as soon as possible.

Skin darkens quickly from staying up late

Don’t just think of the sun alone is damaging to your skin, because staying up late will darken your skin. Because the melanin pigment causes the skin to darken, it is stimulated to grow and act more than usual, making the skin less sharp.

thức khuya có tác hại với da như thế nào 02
Skin shows signs of darkening quickly.

Therefore, to avoid this situation from happening again, everyone should know how to arrange work and get enough sleep. Don’t make staying up late a habit and continue many times, your skin will quickly “degrade”.

The skin is sagging and less firm

Nutrients absorbed into the skin will be hindered by a seemingly simple habit that is extremely dangerous is staying up late. Because when the body goes into sleep, it is also the time to secrete essential nutrients that are useful in moisturizing, increasing elasticity in the skin.

thức khuya có tác hại với da như thế nào 01
Sagging skin affects aesthetics.

Therefore, if we intervene in this process, it also means that the elasticity of the skin will decrease and the skin appears unattractive condition. Besides, signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots also appear, making the skin lose its vitality and lose its youthful appearance as usual.

The habit of staying up late makes skin pores dilate

One day, when looking in the mirror, you discover that your skin pores are suddenly enlarged, it is most likely the result of staying up late. The skin will gradually lose the amount of water as well as its natural moisture, the skin will be dry, the pores will expand and look very unattractive. This is the harmful effect of staying up late that is difficult to recover and heal quickly.

So, be aware of the importance of sleep and quickly put off work to enjoy some time off to relax facial muscles and skin. As mentioned above, not sleeping on time and getting enough sleep will cause serious harm to the skin.

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Besides, the more we stay up late, the more hungry we will feel, from which pointless eating will affect our physique. However, sometimes we won’t be able to avoid staying up late, but don’t let it become a habit and a hobby. Because after a long day, we all need to rest, so let’s protect our health as well as our skin now.