How Does Toner Play a Role in Skin Care?

Perhaps everyone is too familiar with skin care products called toner, right? The fact shows that there are quite a lot of people who just use it but do not know the use or how to use it effectively. And if you do not have a toner product for your skin, it is a big omission in the daily skin care routine. Find out useful knowledge about toner product line through the following article.

What is Toner? Why toner is an indispensable product in the skin care process?

Toner is the question of quite a lot of women when they first started out in the skin care process. We often know toner as a skin care product also known as rose water. However, not all toners are extracted from roses, depending on the purpose and use of the toner, there are many types of toner such as green tea, chamomile, …

toner có vai trò gì
Toner plays a role in skin care.

This is the product that is used immediately after the cleansing step, the reason is in that order because no matter how carefully we clean our skin, it is impossible to remove all dirt. The dirt still deep in each pore is not removed, plus the cosmetics we use in the next step will be the cause of acne. Therefore, toner plays a very important role to bring healthy, beautiful skin, clean dust.

The use of toner in facial beauty

# Clean skin

As mentioned above, the use of toner when it comes to this type of product is its ability to cleanse the skin. You should use toner after cleansing step because we cannot remove all the dirt deep in the skin.

toner có vai trò gì 02
Toner helps clean skin.

The product helps to clear the skin in each pore, thereby absorbing the essence from the skin care products in the next step. Also helps remove sebum on the skin, suitable for cleaning oily skin. Remember to choose benign products to avoid cleansing effects that can lead to dryness and irritation.

#Moisturizes the skin

Besides the ability to clean the skin, the use of toner also helps to moisturize the skin, because after washing the face, it loses a significant amount of moisture. And also helps to smooth the horny layer on the skin, balance the pH on the skin, contributing to creating a stable environment for healthy skin.

toner có vai trò gì 01
Toner helps moisturize the skin.

This is also an important step you are indispensable to ensure that the nutrients in the next step are fully utilized. In addition, those who have oily skin should prioritize products containing ingredients such as Humectants such as Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid … which effectively limits sebum production, thereby avoiding acne.

#Whiten skin

If after a period of use, you find your skin suddenly white, don’t be surprised because this is the use of toner that many people do not pay attention to.

toner có vai trò gì 03
Toner helps whiten skin.

Because the ingredients of toners are usually vitamins E, C combined with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, rice broth, licorice, … So this beauty product will give you fair skin. Radiant pink that is extremely safe, does not harm the skin.

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There is a saying that: If you don’t use toner, the next steps in skin care will be reduced by 30%. So enough to understand the use of toner is extremely miraculous and important, right? If you have ever wondered what toner is, through the information just shared above, the question has been answered, right? Get a suitable “em” toner from your skincare wardrobe right away !.