How Is Masking Time Reasonable?

Surely women are no longer too unfamiliar with masks with countless varieties from paper form to wash form suitable for all skin types. This is considered the most convenient and cost-effective beauty method. In addition, not equipping with enough beauty knowledge will “bring back” unwanted harms that make many women more time consuming and costly. In order for the mask to take full advantage of its use, you need to follow some precautions when applying the following mask.

After squeezing pimples, don’t apply a mask right away

The skin after pimples is very sensitive and damaged, and the pores are also enlarged, so it is necessary to limit even the smallest impact on the skin. At this time, bacteria are easy to penetrate into the skin and if we put on the mask, it will create conditions for sebum, dirt to not be released and stay on the skin.

đắp mặt nạ đúng cách
After squeezing acne, do not apply a mask immediately.

Not only that, the skin after pimples is quite fragile and may be allergic to some ingredients of the mask. Since then, the purpose of using a mask for beautiful skin will no longer exist, instead of the undesirable results, the skin will be more sensitive and acne. Therefore, if you squeeze acne every day, let your skin rest, don’t have any impact!

Ideal masking time

Right now, get rid of the idea that if you apply the mask for a long time, the better the skin because the effect of the mask does not depend on time. Leaving the mask on the skin for too long will make the skin squash, blocked pores due to excess moisture and acne.

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The ideal masking time is 15-20 minutes.

So how long should the mask take to be best for the skin? The experts’ answer is 15-20 minutes, an ideal time to bring nutrients from the mask into the skin. After applying the mask, be sure to wash your face thoroughly to clear your skin!

The mask does not replace serums/lotions

One small note to properly mask that does not think that we can remove the step of moisturizing care. Many women often make this mistake because they think that there will be many nutrients in the mask that can replace the moisturizing step.

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Masks are not a substitute for serums or lotions.

Therefore, no matter how premium you use the mask, you need to use other skincare products and absolutely do not skip any skincare steps because each step has its own effects.

Overuse of masking is harmful to the skin

There have been many cases where women wear masks every day and receive undesirable results such as acne-prone skin and faster aging. Dermatologists believe that we should only apply the mask up to 2 times a week, and should be applied at night so that the skin can easily absorb nutrients and rest properly.

Besides, it is necessary to give priority to masking products from nature to be safe and healthy for the skin. Indeed, the mask is an incredibly convenient invention to provide nourishment directly to the skin.

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And the correct masking will help us get beautiful skin and limit common skin problems. Let’s beautify properly so that our skin and beauty “rank up” every day!