Is Skin Melasma Treatment by Suffering Mask Effective?

Until now, melasma has always been an obsession of many women. This problem has made them lose their inherent confidence, on the contrary, it also makes them shrink in and limit external relationships. Many people have looked for methods to improve but “get into it” and cannot get rid of melasma permanently.

Therefore, natural remedies are more and more popular and used. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, inhibiting pigmentation causing melasma, bitter melon is favored for the list of effective natural skin pigmentation treatments.

The use of suffering in the work of “blowing away” skin pigmentation

Bitter melon, also known as bitter melon, is an indispensable ingredient when it comes to natural skin pigmentation treatments. This is considered to be a raw material that contains many vitamins and substances that are beneficial to the skin.

trị ám da bằng khổ qua
Miraculous use of melasma of suffering.

With benign uses of heat, anti-inflammation and detoxification, suffering from suffering has long been used by people to purify and cool the body. In recent years, bitter melon is used to help treat skin problems, especially melasma.

trị ám da bằng khổ qua 01
In bitter melon there are many vitamins that nourish the skin.

Because bitter melon contains ingredients such as charantin, protid, amino acid, momordicin, lipid, some vitamins and minerals. They are a collection of vitamins that nourish, anti-aging and inhibit pigmentation that causes pigmentation to form.

Therefore, the treatment of melasma with bitter ingredients is trusted by many women and has achieved certain effects. In particular, the mask is the most used form. Let’s take a look at the following effective skin pigmentation treatments below !.

Revealing the formula for making a bitter mask through super effective skin pigmentation

Suffering through combined egg whites

Perhaps we all know the wonderful use of egg whites for human health as well as for human skin. The whites contain vitamin and protein-rich ingredients that firm, improve sagging skin and remove wrinkles effectively.

trị ám da bằng khổ qua 03
Bitter melon mask and egg.

Recently, people also combine this ingredient with bitter melon to lighten the skin, even skin tone and especially to relieve anxiety about skin pigmentation for girls who have not found a true solution for a long time.


1 bitter melon (bitter melon)
1 egg white


  • After bitter melon has removed the intestines, washed them and put them in a blender to get the juice
  • Add 2 tablespoons of this juice to the egg whites, then stir to create a thick paste
  • Wash your face thoroughly, apply on the entire face mixture and especially do not ignore the skin pigmentation
  • Wait about 30 minutes for the mask to dry, wash your face thoroughly with cold water and finish skin care

Apply consistently for about 2 weeks, you will feel a noticeable change in your skin. The melasma condition will be completely faded and the skin tone will be raised, white and bright with a bitter melasma mask.

Suffering through combined cucumber

When it comes to skin beauty, we cannot ignore a benign ingredient and great use like cucumber (cucumber). With 90% ingredients that are water, vitamins and minerals provide antioxidants, lightening and reducing dark spots in the skin.

trị ám da bằng khổ qua 04
Bitter melon combined with cucumber.

When we combine this fruit with another fruit that has an equally “miraculous” effect, it is suffering. This perfect combination creates a mask that tightens pores, brightens and reduces dark spots.


1 bitter melon (bitter melon)
Half a cucumber


  • Remove the intestines of bitter melon, wash the bitter melon and cucumber, and drain these two ingredients
  • Cut the ingredients into pieces and put in a blender, filter for water, remove the residue
  • Wash your face thoroughly and gently apply the mixture to the affected areas, combined with massage movements
  • Relax for 20 minutes for the nutrients to penetrate deep into your skin, then rinse your face thoroughly with water.

Every week you should apply bitter melasma mask 2-3 times to achieve the best effect. There have been many people applying this method and the skin has been visibly faded.

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With the benefits that bitter melon brings, Lycium Serum hopes that this article will bring you useful information, so that you can take advantage of this material to protect the health and care of your skin. Do not be self-conscious about your skin pigmentation, because just apply properly and persistently, build a healthy lifestyle, you will soon improve skin pigmentation soon!