Korean Girl’s White Pink Skin Care Recipes

Referring to Korean girls, we all women probably have at least one rubbed before their pink and white skin. Did you know that in order to have this skin, these girls followed a very careful skincare routine and took care of themselves very conscientiously. Therefore, we need to learn these simple yet effective skincare steps from them. Refer to the following article Lycium Serum has synthesized the skin care of a Korean girl

Never forget to use sunscreen

Sometimes our sisters are so busy they will forget to use sunscreen before leaving the house. However, this habit does not exist in Korean women. Whether at home or out, whether the weather is hot or shady, they always “fall in love” with the habit of using sunscreen to protect the skin.

bí quyết dưỡng da của người hàn 01
Sunscreen is an indispensable category.

This is considered the critical skin care step affecting the next steps, so we must not skip this step no matter how busy we are. Ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the skin protective film, if you do not apply sunscreen, day after day the skin will age and form many dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles.

bí quyết dưỡng da của người hàn 05
Skin care from deep inside.

If you want a blemish-white, flawless skin, don’t forget this care step! At the same time, the choice of sunscreen also contributes to the effectiveness of the product. You need to prioritize those with ingredients that do not contain chemicals, are able to absorb quickly, do not feel greasy, have a pH suitable for your own skin.

Whitening with rice powder

This is a skin care like Korea that many women apply and achieve unexpected results. Rice is a gift that nature has given, the nutritional ingredients in this food are also very useful for the skin, making the skin soft, bright white, and rosy.

bí quyết dưỡng da của người hàn 02
Rice flour helps to lighten skin quickly.

The way to do it is very easy, we just need to use water to wash the rice, drain the water, use the remaining rice flour to cover the face area. This is an easy-to-do, low-cost pink-white skin method that women should apply.

Focus on moisturizing

Because the climate in Korea is always in a dry state, if not adequately moisturized, the skin of women here will dry and quickly aging. However, this is absolutely applicable in all countries. Because once the skin is moisturized enough, it becomes more shiny, bright and youthful.

bí quyết dưỡng da của người hàn
Attention should be paid to moisturizing.

We can take these simple skincare steps by taking advantage of the intensive moisturizing products available on the market today. It is not difficult to choose a suitable product to bring skin shiny, even color.

Perform facial massage movements

In addition to using cosmetics, massage movements also contribute to the radiant beauty of the skin in Korean women. Massage has many uses: stimulating blood circulation to be more smoothly circulated, lifting facial muscles, preventing sagging due to age, enhancing skin firmness.

bí quyết dưỡng da của người hàn 03
Should regularly massage the skin.

The way is also quite simple, you can refer to these tips through Korean beauty pages. Just spend a few minutes a day, you will be amazed at the effectiveness that this method brings.

Diet contributes to skin health

Skin care from the outside is not enough, you need to supplement nutrients from within the body so that the skin is always in a rosy, youthful state. Korean women are very interested in their daily diet, they always make a nutritional plan for their body. For example, during a day, they always balance keeping in shape and protecting skin by supplementing with essential vitamins and minerals. Besides, staying away from foods that affect the skin is something she needs to pay attention to.

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What secrets have you learned from the above Korean skin care methods, please share them to make them beautiful together! Our skin will partly reflect our care and lifestyle, so live optimistic and wise when choosing your own skin care products.