Learn About Needle Roller And Peel Biological Skin

Do you have less perfect skin with defects such as rough, dull, darkened scars? Have you ever heard of a rolling method or a skin peel (peeling)? If applying the correct procedure, the girls will be surprised by their miraculous molting skin, not only smooth and white, but these defects are also completely eliminated, no recurrence. To better understand these two beauty methods, please refer to the following article:

Things to know about skin peel methods

What is skin peel method?

What is Peel skin – it is the question that pops into the minds of those who have just heard this name. Put simply, peeling or peeling skin is a beauty method that has been around for a long time. Non-invasive, non-invasive cutlery, peel is a popular way of skin rejuvenation in the world. By manipulating chemicals to remove dead cells.

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What is biological skin peel method ?.

While it sounds similar to regular exfoliation as we know it, the two methods are very different. In addition to removing dead cells, peel also helps regenerate new, smoother, healthier skin.

Biological skin replacement good?

And the skin peel also has a stronger acid concentration, in order to affect the deeper cell layers, such chemicals include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, polyhydroxy acid, …

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Uses of peel skin method

Do not think this method is only useful for peeling skin, stimulating new skin growth, it has countless uses as follows:

  • Improve concave scars, keloids
  • Support for acne treatment
  • Blurring the bruises left by acne, pigmentation, freckles
  • Support for other skin lesions
    If you are in doubt about this method, consult a dermatologist to get the most appropriate form of diagnosis and skin care to avoid adverse effects.

Skin care after chemical peel

After learning about what peel is and its uses, you also need to remember things to do in skin care after peel such as:

  • Apply moisturizers regularly to avoid drying out your skin
  • Always cover carefully and apply sunscreen when leaving the house
  • Limit makeup during this time so your skin is eligible for full recovery
  • Things to know about the needle rolling method

Learn about needle rolling

Needle rolling is the question of many women when they want to apply this method to beautify their skin, but do not really understand it. This is a treatment for relatively small lesions on the skin and thanks to the self-healing mechanism of the skin to remove imperfections in the skin, then stimulate the development of new skin layers, replace the skin layer. old.

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What is needle roller?

By using rolling implements that have needle heads attached to a very small diameter of about 0.5mm-2.5mm.

The use of needle roller

Currently, this method is very popular in beauty establishments, so what is the use of needle roller:

  • Helping beauty nutrients penetrate deeply into each skin cell
  • Nourish stem cells, regenerate the old epidermis layer
  • Produces skin collagen
  • Improve skin problems such as dark scars, acne, freckles, skin aging, …
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  • The use of needle rolling on the skin.

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With these uses, women need to apply the needle rolling method to improve the blemishes on their skin.

Skin care after the needle roller

In order for the needle rolling method to be fully utilized, you need to perform the following proper skin care:

  • Before 7 days, do not wear makeup, or even use the most benign cosmetics.
  • Add a variety of fruits and vegetables that are less sweet, and limit sweets and seafood
  • Add a variety of foods to support the skin regeneration process, heal scars
  • Limiting even avoiding the use of stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, …
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep

Through the information just shared, perhaps you already know what peel is, what is the needle rolling, right? Regardless of the beauty method you apply, you must seek reputable facilities to avoid affecting your skin.

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