Notes About The Side Effects Of Taking Collagen Need To Know

Collagen is known as “golden food” for health, especially human skin. Because over time collagen levels decline over time and supplementation of this compound is essential. There are many ways to absorb into the body, supplement through food, oral tablets are also available in oral form. So does this method have any side effects and what is it? Let’s learn the following article for how to use it properly

Making excess calcium in the body

Normally, products extracted from collagen are derived from animals such as cows, fish,…. Therefore, the amount of calcium contained in collagen products is much higher than that of hydrolyzed collagen. Our bodies are only allowed an average of 8.5-10.2 ml / dl of calcium.

tác dụng phụ khi bổ sung dư collagen 01
The amount of calcium in the body is also in excess.

If you overload this number, it will lead to an excess and increase in calcium in the body that continuously affects your health. The side effects of collagen when taken into the body are the following manifestations: the body is tired, dizzy due to the unstable heartbeat, constipation symptoms, bone pain, … So you should consider when wanting to supplement collagen for the body.

The body is susceptible to an unpleasant sensitization and allergic reaction

One of the most common and typical collagen side effects is skin allergies. Therefore, for those with susceptible bodies as well as skin diseases, before deciding to supplement collagen, it is necessary to carefully study the composition as well as the origin. Especially for those with a history of seafood allergy, it is important to consider taking collagen supplements with fish extracts.

Facial skin rashes

When you first took collagen, your skin was often blemished with red inflammation. This makes women feel extremely confused and afraid whether this is the perfect solution to replenish nutrients for the body.

tác dụng phụ khi bổ sung dư collagen
Facial skin will get pimples if there is residue of collagen.

During use, if we do not have a diet, proper rest will make acne skin worse. However, people do not worry too much because this situation occurs only in some people, not all. If detecting that the skin has tiny acne spots appear, carefully find out the cause!

Uncontrolled weight gain

Because the original collagen has a fishy taste that is quite difficult to drink, the manufacturers add flavoring by increasing the sweetness, so when drinking, we will load in the body quite a lot of calories.

tác dụng phụ khi bổ sung dư collagen 02
Will lose uncontrolled weight gain.

Therefore, many people feel they gain a lot of weight after taking collagen, pay attention to this to limit uncontrolled weight gain. This is considered a side effect of collagen that people need to pay attention to and prioritize products with natural collagen extracts.

Loss of taste, loss of appetite

One side effect of collagen that users should note is that sometimes you will feel nauseous, lose your appetite, especially collagen made from fish will create a fishy feeling, users are very uncomfortable when to drink.

tác dụng phụ khi bổ sung dư collagen 03
Loss of appetite and loss of appetite.

When these symptoms persist, it proves that you are not compatible with this type of collagen and need to change to another type or form of supplement.

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Collagen is the food that helps maintain the freshness of the health and human skin. Hence the addition of them is essential. However, in order to stay healthy, you need to discover side effects to change or have another beauty method.