Point Through The Position Of Wrinkles On The Skin Of The Face

The female sister association’s “unlucky enemy” is probably none other than the wrinkles. Without a certain age, they make women feel inferior because they lose their own youthfulness and radiance. In particular, due to some reasons, there are places on the face where wrinkles often appear and last longer. Lycium Serum will list the areas of skin prone to rapid aging for you to have a suitable improvement direction:

Eye wrinkles make the face look “plus a few years”

The eye is the part most likely to appear wrinkles due to the impact from the external environment such as sunlight, cosmetics, … Not only this position also appears sagging, large eye puffiness. Human beauty becomes more old and gradually loses vitality and youthfulness.

Therefore, the way to remove wrinkles on the face is quite simple, especially the eye area, you must carefully cover, apply full sunscreen before going out.

nếp nhăn da mặt
Wrinkles in the eye area will make you look older.

In addition, women need to perform daily massage exercises to reduce wrinkles, reduce puffiness. The method is also quite simple, you just need to use your fingertips to swipe in a circle from the nose to the lower eyelid and the bottom of the eye, and so on for 5 minutes a day. In addition, you should also use eye care products to stay youthful over the years.

Creases at the corners of his mouth – fear of so many girls

Caused from daily habits such as expressions, eating, sleeping, and resting also make the corners of the mouth appear wrinkles. This causes the face to become emaciated and lose its youthful appearance due to sagging skin. If there is no timely solution, the situation will become more serious and cause the girls to naturally limit their expressions.

nếp nhăn da mặt 01
Creases at the corners of the mouth of many sisters.

It is best to apply daily massage exercises to improve wrinkles. There are many massages for you to practice and remove ugly wrinkles. Besides, you need to pay more attention in the right sleeping position to avoid one day “an uninvited guest” will knock on the door.

Forehead wrinkles are hard to avoid

If we want to list the areas prone to wrinkles on the face, how can we ignore the forehead. When we reach a certain age, small wrinkles will appear on our forehead, which will become more apparent when people show overexpressed expressions. One of the main causes of wrinkles is the decrease of hormones and collagen inherent in the skin.

nếp nhăn da mặt 02
Wrinkles right on the forehead.

Women can apply daily massage to improve this condition. You use your fingertips to gently stroke from the forehead to the temples, then end the movement. Keep doing it every day, after just a month, you will feel the difference in your skin.

Lips are parts we often ignore when caring for the skin

Besides the parts listed above, we also ignore the care and skin care for the lips. Have you ever wondered why when we apply lipstick, our lips are not evenly colored and stripes appear? It is lips that lack moisture and are not exfoliating regularly. Besides, the abuse of lipstick every day is the cause of aging on the lips.

nếp nhăn da mặt 03
The corner of the lips.

The girls should find a way to remove wrinkles on the face, especially the lips which need more care. A rosy lip will make your face look more fresh and radiant.

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The cause of wrinkles formation of the above organs is generally due to the decrease of collagen in the body day by day. Therefore, being aware of these changes and improving in a timely manner is something you should equip to make your appearance more radiant and youthful.