Post-inflammatory Post-Inflammatory Skin Disorders

At a certain age, we women often encounter skin problems such as darkening, pigmentation, acne, aging, … Usually these conditions are caused by hyperpigmentation, although they are Does not harm health but makes many people feel confident when communicating. To better understand this issue and have a suitable way to improve it, please refer to the following article.

Definition of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

What is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? is the question of many people when they first heard this concept. This is the term for the hyperpigmentation of the skin that occurs after the treatment of various skin diseases. Once the skin has been treated for a previous problem, it becomes flatter and darker than healthy areas.

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Learn about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Those who have acne or perform beauty methods such as skin abrasion, laser shot will feel more clearly. For those who are treating skin lesions, the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is much higher than the average person. Although it does not affect health, this condition will make people feel inferior when communicating with others. Finding the right cause will help you to know how to improve properly.

Find out some of the causes of hyperpigmentation

Damaged skin

Damaged skin means you are more likely to experience hyperpigmentation, also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. After a period of treating the acne skin condition, the skin will be darker in color than other areas.

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Causes skin damage.

Lesions such as skin bruising, skin swelling, scratches, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne are all causes of hyperpigmentation that we often accidentally ignore. Therefore, it is difficult for anyone to avoid this situation, do not panic, but find a way to balance the pigmentation on the skin with safe methods.

Side effects of medications

Another cause of hyperpigmentation is the side effect of certain medications. The most typical drugs are antibiotics, birth control pills, chemotherapy drugs, …

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Due to the effects of the drug.

They inadvertently cause reactions to the body such as increased melanin production, which leads to a darkening of the skin manifestations and takes a long time to improve the original condition.

Due to hormonal changes

It is the change in the amount of estrogen in the blood that stimulates the body to produce the amount of melanin under the skin, which causes the skin to become pigmented. Women who are in the process of giving birth will suffer from this condition more than others.

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Inner hormonal change.

This problem will go away on its own after giving birth, however, not everyone has this mechanism. So, women need to care about their skin no matter what. Without proper skin care this time, skin pigmentation will gradually improve.

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Hyperpigmentation is a common condition that can occur in everyone. This condition can come back many times if we do not know the proper skin care. So, what you need to do is formulate the right nutrition, establish a healthy lifestyle along with the use of quality skin care products. These factors will help you have good health and beautiful skin.