Should Regular Facial Exfoliate

As one of the indispensable beauty steps, exfoliation helps the skin absorb nutrients in the most complete way. However, there is a question that is raised whether regular facial scrubs have any effect on the skin or not? How many times is appropriate to apply? The answer will be available right after your reference through the following useful information:

You understand nothing about dead skin that exists on the face

With the body of a normal person, every day our skin has to work continuously and metabolize from which the old skin layer is also replaced by new skin. They are what we call dead cells, which can either peel off on their own or by our external influence.

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Learn about dead skin on the face.

Once the dead skin layer has been removed regularly, our skin will be brighter and brighter and better absorb the nutrients from the skincare products. On the contrary, if we don’t

How often is it appropriate to remove dead cells from the skin?

How many times to exfoliate your skin at home is enough not to negatively affect your skin, which is the most frequently asked question in skincare forums. The main answer is to get rid of dead cells regularly up to 2 times a week, with each skin type will have a specific frequency as follows:

Dry skin, less exposure to smog, and work in an air-conditioned place: only once a week is enough to exfoliate your skin. With this skin type, you should pay attention not to over-exfoliate the skin, which will make the skin unattractive.

For those with oily skin, working in a smoggy environment, the appropriate exfoliation frequency is 3 times per week.

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How often is the removal of dead skin in 1 week ?.

For acne-prone and irritated skin, everyone should exfoliate 1-2 times a week. For this skin type, choose the right products to avoid damaging the skin otherwise it will take a lot of time and effort to improve.

The “unexpected” effect from proper exfoliation

The reason for calling this a skincare step cannot be ignored because when the skin is removed from the dead skin cells regularly, it will be the basis for the skin to be most airy and white. Because if we just wash the normal face and skip the exfoliating step, there will still be residue on the skin, dirt, excess oil, cosmetics clog pores from which acne, causing difficulties in treatment.

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What is the effect of exfoliation?

The correct exfoliation of facial skin will make the skin clear and facilitate better nutrient absorption. There are many exfoliating products on the market today that are suitable for each skin type, so you can freely choose the right one while making sure the skin is protected and does not cause any problems. Any irritation.

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Having beautiful flawless skin is no longer a wish if you truly understand your skin and have a smart choice of skincare products. Above all, when you notice strange signs appear on the skin, you should review the appropriate care steps and then make the correct adjustments. Skin when properly cared for will be healthy and beautiful and help you become more confident.