Skincare Recipes From Chicken Egg Masks

You want to have bright white skin, no signs of aging such as dark spots, age wrinkles. With so many types of beauty cosmetics available on the market, you are confused when you do not know which product to choose? So why not try natural beauty methods to both save money and ensure safety? Chicken eggs are one of the ingredients that many women apply and have beautiful, smooth skin. The following tips to make egg mask will be the “treasure” for you to maintain the beauty of your skin.

Why are eggs used to beautify skin?

Whenever we mention chicken eggs, we will imagine this is a nutritious and familiar dish because it is always present in daily meals. But we do not know that behind the benefits that this dish can bring you can use to beautify your face. Because the composition of eggs contains many minerals, beneficial vitamins.

mặt nạ trứng gà 01
Chicken eggs ingredients for excellent skin care.

In particular, eggs have two types of yolk and whites, whites are preferred because they contain a lot of protein that nourishes skin cells to be healthy, preventing skin damage. So, if you are having skin problems such as wrinkles, acne skin, oily skin, dark skin, … then follow the tips below to make the egg mask below for safety and beauty together. saving.

How to beautify facial skin with eggs for healthy skin – beautiful

Honey chicken egg mask

The combination of chicken eggs with other ingredients will help the skin overcome the blemishes and provide the skin with essential nutrients. In particular, honey is considered as a golden material for women to be beautiful at home.

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Chicken egg and honey mask.

The benign honey ingredient is used to reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, hydrate the skin, and help skin radiant and clear of acne Recipe for making honey chicken egg mask has never cooled down on beauty forums and this method gives the highest effect to the skin.


  • 1 egg whites separated
  • Add 2 tablespoons of honey and beat the mixture
  • Wash your face thoroughly, then apply the mixture onto your face into a thin mask
  • Relax for 15 minutes for the mask to dry and the nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin.
  • Finally, rinse your face with warm water to allow pores to expand

mặt nạ trứng gà 02
How to make honey chicken egg mask.

Note that you should maintain the implementation of this honey chicken egg mask up to 2 times a week only to avoid adverse effects and properly beautify the skin.

Chicken egg, orange and turmeric starch mask

Turmeric starch is also one of the “golden ingredients” to help reduce dark spots on the skin, contributing to the skin tone, natural stretch and more even color. In addition, oranges also contain a lot of vitamin C, making the skin shiny and full of vitality.

mặt nạ trứng gà 03
Turmeric and orange eggs mask.


  • Separate the yolks and egg whites, and place in a clean tray
  • Combine the orange juice, turmeric starch, and egg white to create a smooth, creamy mixture
  • Clean your face with warm water. Apply the mixture evenly over the entire face
  • Massage gently so that the nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin, relax for 15 minutes
  • Clean skin with warm, cold water to tighten pores.

Keep doing this egg mask for 2 months, you will feel the difference in your skin! There are tons of ingredients that can be combined with eggs to create a magical skin beauty mask.

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You know, all around us exist safe natural ingredients that can improve skin imperfections. Be persistent and understand your skin, you will have beautiful and healthy skin in a short time!