Small Tip For You How SkinCare Is Properly “Korean Girl”!

A smooth, even, bright white and shiny Korean skin is always a dream of many women. Fortunately, all have their secret, the article below is the secret that women are in need. Just skincare properly, owning young – healthy – beautiful skin is no longer a distant dream.

So Skincare properly how many steps Korean women go through?

Use makeup remover water/oil

Wearing makeup or not, all you need to do every day is to cleanse your skin with makeup remover water/oil. Makeup remover will help remove dirt and sebum deep in the pores, helping to clear the skin. So, if your skin often has hidden pimples, you may have neglected this cleaning step.

cách skincare đúng cách cho gái hàn 02
Use makeup remover oil to clean makeup.

Note use very gentle force, do not stretch the skin excessively when removing makeup and removing until the last cotton pad is free of dirt, makeup residue.

Wash your face with water

One step in Korean women’s everyday skincare might feel weird, but it really works. Usually, we wash our face with a cleanser or don’t even rinse after removing makeup. However, Korean women will rinse with clean water after removing makeup for a deeper cleansing of the skin, then use a facial cleanser.

Wash your face with cleanser/gel

Beautiful skin is first and foremost clean skin. So, never forget to wash your face twice a day with a cleanser or gel. Depending on your skin type, you can choose the right cleanser for you, the ideal pH is 5.5.

cách skincare đúng cách cho gái hàn 04
Wash your face with gel or cleanser.

On another note, you should use your pinky finger to massage your face while washing. This finger has just enough force, helping the facial skin to be cleaned without being subjected to mechanical impact. Every day, you only need to wash your face with cleanser milk/gel 2 times.

Kill death cell

Skincare properly cannot help but exfoliate. The aging horny layer on the skin is one of the reasons why your skin is dull and rough. Therefore, you should exfoliate 1-2 times a week, choosing chemical exfoliants that will be better for your skin.

Use toner

Toner is used to balancing skin pH and provide mild moisture. Korean women often use a toner after washing their face to keep the skin smooth. There are so many toners on the market, you can freely choose according to your needs and skin type, but do not choose the type that contains alcohol!


2-3 times a week, you can apply a mask to rest and restore skin. The advice for you is to choose masks with natural extracts, the maximum time to apply is 20 minutes (if it is longer, the skin will be dry). Many types of masks do not need to be rinsed with water, you can use toner to wipe them more open.

cách skincare đúng cách cho gái hàn
Apply a moisturizing mask to the skin.

Skincare properly with serum

The serum helps stimulate the regeneration and production of collagen in the skin. Depending on your current skin condition, you can consider the ingredients and use them to choose the most suitable serum.


After completing the cleansing and moisture balance steps for the skin, Korean women will choose for themselves the most suitable moisturizer. Moisturizing the skin regularly will help keep the skin shiny and healthy, while also slowing the aging process of the skin. If you haven’t seen this step yet, your skincare approach is missing an important part. Skin that lacks moisture will appear rough, sometimes flaky, and sensitive to environmental changes.

Skin whitening

For the East, bright white skin has always been the standard of beauty. Therefore, the cosmetic shelves of the girls from the “land of kimchi” always have whitening products available. Note, skin whitening is a time-consuming process, you should carefully choose and prioritize reputable brands.