What is a Facial Sauna? Effective Facial Bath

In recent years, the form of beauty with facial hair has been popular among the beauty industry. With such effects as removing dirt, sebum accelerates blood circulation, relaxes and helps brighten, rosy and smoother skin. This method is quite simple, but you must apply it correctly in order to achieve the desired results. The following useful information will help you experience a steam bath for your face.

Unexpected benefits of regular facial steaming

Possessing so many benefits, it is not difficult to understand when these days, beauty pages have been full of information, good tips in steaming your face:

Deep clean each pore

With the steam form will help our pores to expand and acne will be pushed up, especially hidden pimples and blackheads, returning smooth, acne-free skin.

xông hơi da mặt tại nhà 02
Facial steam helps clean deep pores.

Accelerates blood circulation. Because the temperature of the steam is quite high, it will affect the blood vessels underneath the skin, making the skin pink and healthier.

Eliminate sebum

Sebum is the cause of skin problems, especially acne. They will follow the steam through the pores to escape to the outside to prevent pore obstruction.

Moisture level

Normally, women will mix in water to make skin-good essences like rinse to increase the permeability of the skin. Facial sauna is the basis for nutrients from skin care products to penetrate deeply into the skin.

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Hydrates skin quickly.

Reduce acne and exfoliate quickly

As mentioned above, when the pores are enlarged, bacteria and dead cells also follow out. From there, the skin will be smooth, bright white.


Try feeling after a long tiring day, skin has to face with many impacts from external environment, make skin relax and overcome problems such as acne, big pores, melasma,….

What is an effective facial steam without damaging the skin?

Make sure the skin is clean before applying

The way to properly steam for the skin is that before we smoke, we must pay attention to the cleaning step to remove dirt, cosmetics to expand pores. Without this step, facial steam becomes meaningless and the skin will get more pimples.

Prepare brine

If you do manual steaming, you must prepare enough clean water, super-speed kettles, and a glass bowl for steaming. To give skin more essence, you can add ingredients like lemongrass, perilla, and ginger to the water. Currently on the market there is also a variety of face machines available, you should learn carefully the origin before choosing to buy quality machines.

Start a steam bath

You should tie your hair neatly to avoid sticking to your face, then cover your head with a large, clean towel. When using, the best distance between the face and the water is 30cm to avoid burning.

The best time to steam your face is at night when your skin is really resting. And should not be inhaled for too long, just inhale for 10-15 minutes to relax the skin, stimulate blood vessels.


After the steam, use a clean towel to blot your face and continue to apply a paper mask to replenish nutrients, relax for about 15 minutes, then wash your face thoroughly with warm water.

Moisturizes the skin

Many women often skip this step because they think it is not necessary, but this is an extremely misconception. Skin after inhalation is quite sensitive so moisturizing will help the skin become smooth, smooth and hydrated.

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Moisturizing after a steam will help the nutrients to penetrate faster.

Follow the steam treatment for the skin above, your skin will become smooth, white, and limit skin problems. Lycium Serum hopes that the above information will bring you simple home care knowledge. You should follow the steps before, during, and after your face to be sure to take advantage of the benefits that steam brings to the skin.

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