What’s Special in Japanese Women’s Skin Care?

Perhaps we are too familiar with the image of Japanese women in movies and songs. What people are most impressed with and envious of is their soft, white, pink and beautiful skin that they possess. So, what is the secret to this beauty passing through the years and not fading through generations? Let Lycim Serum learn the secrets of Japanese skin whitening through the following article:

Green tea – the familiar drink

We are not too unfamiliar with the miraculous effects that green tea brings, this is a very useful drink in beauty with cherry blossom women. This skin care is very good for skin as well as health. The antioxidants in tea will maintain youthfulness and prevent aging in humans.

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Miraculous use of green tea.

Drinks from this “miracle” type are easy to drink, when regularly drinking will help the body purification process smoothly, easier to remove toxins from the outside, thereby brightening the skin, no and uneven skin condition. Keep drinking this drink every day, you will be healthier, smooth and youthful skin. In addition, you can also use green tea to wash your face to clean the skin, kill bacteria and treat red spots on the skin.

Increase your vitamin C intake

How do Japanese women take care of their skin, but their skin is always in such a state of smoothness and youthfulness? That is the question of many people but has yet to find the answer.

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Increase your vitamin C intake.

The golden ingredient that maintains this flawless beauty is the perfect antioxidant. Every day, they always ensure the presence of fruits containing vitamin C in their diets. When loaded in these foods, you will accelerate the synthesis of collagen, inhibit oxidation in the skin, and help the skin to be even white. So, don’t forget to include these foods in your diet.

Learn to lighten makeup

When you watch movies or read books, you will see Japanese women who always wear the lightest makeup possible. Because for them, it is not necessary to wear bold makeup to reveal all beauty. Instead, the foundation layer, the gentle lipstick, helps to both beautify and protect the skin. Because the cosmetics will clog pores, forming a long acne nodule.

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Gentle makeup.

Japanese women do not overdo cosmetics and are always careful when choosing beauty cosmetics and skin care products. Let makeup be a way of enhancing the beauty of the skin, not a main attraction. This is also the difference we should all learn.

Make use of water to wash rice

In Japan, rice bran is considered a miracle in regenerating the skin, making the skin brighter. Therefore, people have taken advantage of it to wash their face every day – a natural beauty method, inexpensive but highly effective.

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Rice water is also a beauty ingredient.

This is a raw material to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, and at the same time nourishes and prevents skin pigmentation, darkening of the skin from appearing. This is also the secret to whitening Japanese skin that has been passed down for generations and exists until today.

Pay attention to your diet

In addition to external influences, the addition of nutrition from the inside also plays an important role in the process of improving the skin, making the skin more beautiful. Japanese women always consider the foods they eat, they do not or rarely eat fat, sweeteners and too much meat. Instead, they prefer to eat a lot of green vegetables and fish to prevent skin aging.

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It is not difficult for us to have smooth white skin like Japanese skin. Just take advantage of the good points of the surrounding foods while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Do not keep wondering how Japanese women take care of their skin, but instead learn, learn and practice skin care from them.