Whitening with Toothpaste Is Good or Bad?

Recently, on beauty forums, there is news that toothpaste can replace normal skin whitening methods. Needless to say, the convenience and extremely cheap cost have attracted many women to try it. However, there are many cases where the results are not as expected, even affecting the skin, even worse than the previous skin. How bad is it, please take a look at the following useful information:

Why toothpaste has the ability to instantly whiten skin?

The reason for this “rumor” is because there have been experimental cases and the results are immediately white. As we know, all toothpaste on the market today contain ingredients silica, banking soda, sodium pyrophosphatekem. These substances are responsible for cleaning and whitening when we act directly on the teeth.

dưỡng trắng da bằng kem đánh răng 02
Should use whitening toothpaste.

Therefore, many people take advantage of this advantage to apply to the skin to remove dark dead skin layers, reduce the condition caused by acne inflammation, effectively limit acne.

dưỡng trắng da bằng kem đánh răng
Toothpaste can be used to treat acne.

Although it is known that toothpaste has the ability to whiten the skin, this is just our feeling because there have not been any experimental results to prove this. Besides the temporary effects that this whitening method brings, there are countless harms that experts have warned many times.

What is the harmful effect of toothpaste whitening?

Toothpaste contains a high level of bleach, but this only applies to teeth, if for the skin, it will not only not work but also cause extremely dangerous harm to the skin.

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The harm when whitening skin with toothpaste.

When acting directly on the skin, there have been many cases of women feeling uncomfortable and burning due to not knowing how to use it. Experts have also warned that the harmful effects of toothpaste reacting to the skin is not only temporary but also long-lasting, and take quite a long time to improve.

The harmful effects of toothpaste skincare must include:

  • The skin will be drier, flaky, look very unattractive due to the active bleaching ingredients.
  • Because of the ability to whiten the skin quickly, the young skin layer is also damaged by being worn and catching the sun quite easily.
  • If you use too much, it will lead to red inflammation, especially those with sensitive skin, the more harm will be promoted.
  • If you use this whitening method just once, the skin will be thinner than before and the skin recovery process will take a long time.

Therefore, before starting to apply any beauty method, you should learn carefully from the positive results to the negative effects. Because even if the skin is restored, it loses its former radiance. Do not save money, but “take pictures into the body” from methods that are not scientifically proven.

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As for the harmful effects listed above, you have really understood how this whitening is not safe for the skin. Before starting a method, you should do your homework so that you don’t get any harm, and most of all, really understand how to take care of your skin properly.